LiveSpace will enable you to...
Update diners and drinkers with all your best offers.
Change what people see throughout the day.
Move away from costly printed menus and out of date posters.
All advertised on digital screens inside your venue...
Still not convinced? It's time for a story...
She orders a drink, sups up, and leaves. Sound familiar? Now, let’s imagine that story with a different ending.

A woman walks into your place, and while she waits to order, she spots on screen your daily meal deal. That single drink has just been traded up to a meal. That’s a win right away.
And it gets better. While she eats, she sees your mouth-watering weekend brunch deal, also advertised on screen.

She hits WhatsApp, tells the girls about the cool new place she’s found, and they’re liking the sound of it.

Before she leaves, she’s booked in a table of 6 for the weekend. Now that’s a proper win.
And that's what digital signage is all about.
Giving every customer a reason to come back for more.
Imagine what YOU could do with LiveSpace
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